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Megan Kuhar
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6-Week Personalized Program for Professional Musicians

One-on-one coaching


Does this sound like you?

👉You know a ton about creating music, but not about creating content online

👉You feel like your brand is all over the place and you have no real framework or formula

👉You look at musicians who have big audiences and record labels and have found success, and you think, “I can do that too…”

👉You are seriously passionate and devoted to building your brand as a musician and organically growing your audience

👉You’re NOT looking for a quick fix


Stop wasting time with trial and error.

Start Asking Yourself:

How much would your fanbase grow if you had a concrete marketing plan that felt like an authentic extension of you?

It’s absolutely possible to organically grow your audience,
and it starts with building and solidifying your brand message.

My 6-week program teaches you how to turn YOUR unique identity into an authentic brand.


I will walk you through the process of building your brand, so you can start converting those apathetic audience members into loyal fans.

✓ Even if you don’t think you have the time (because the practice room is non-negotiable).

✓ Even if you don’t think you have anything to say that’s exciting enough (because your life is normal).

✓ Even if you’re convinced that you'll be caught for being a phony (not gonna happen).


This 6-Week Program Includes:


6 one-on-one video calls (30 mins), recorded & sent to you afterwards


6 downloadable PDF worksheets


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6-Week One-on-One Coaching Program
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Meet Your Coach

Photo by  a terror musical photography

Photo by a terror musical photography

Hey, I’m Megan Kuhar, Marketing Technology Coach. I help professional musicians turn their social media audience into loyal fans.

If you know me, you might know that I got my degree in music and ran an audio recording business for years. But one thing you might not know is that I had no real direction in college, I had no real direction in my work, and I made under $5k in the first 4 YEARS of my business.

*record scratch*

Let’s rewind it a bit to 2008. Like many music majors, I left music school with no real plan.

I didn’t have a vision. I didn’t have an understanding of who I was and what made me unique.

When I failed at finding a job post-college, I started an audio engineering degree. (Because what else do you do but go back to school?)

I had a quick realization that--*ding ding ding*--I could become the go-to “classically trained audio engineer” and record classical musicians!

I started getting recording gigs. I was feeling momentum! "This is going to take off," I thought. "I could become a freelance audio engineer and be my own boss!"

The short answer: Nope.

So what did I do next?

👉I learned about branding, so I could make my message clearer.

👉I learned about video, so I could make visual content and spread the word about my business.

👉I learned about social media and marketing, so I could come up with a plan to release the content.

In 2015, my annual net income for my side business skyrocketed from less than $1,000 to $10k.

It took me three degrees and a total of 15 years to go through the process of positioning my brand. Even though it’s been that long, I will never forget the frustration I felt when all of my hard work was amounting to a whole lot of crickets.

You CAN build a successful brand online. And your loyal fans are out there, waiting for you.

*cue operatic chorus*

Thankfully, you don’t have to DIY it all and go through the same “nothing but crickets” moments I did.

Because you deserve a space online. You deserve a fanbase. It’s time to put your mind to work, trust your power, and do the homework.


Join the 6-Week Personalized Coaching Program to build your brand and start converting your audience into loyal fans.

6-Week One-on-One Coaching Program
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