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How serving a niche audience can get you better visibility as a musician, with Felicia Rojas

Dr. Felicia Rojas is a violinist, vocalist, and multi-talented musician whose career has expanded beyond the traditional “classical musician” scope that so many other music school grads pursue. She performs in Mariachi Divas, and her anime & video game music cover band, AoE, has played at comic conventions and continues to grow their market and reach.

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The multi-passionate music entrepreneur, with Liz Aponte of Full Circle Co.

Liz Aponte is a drummer, teacher, and entrepreneur who has turned her passion for music into a multi-faceted career, through a combination of online and offline work. I spoke with Liz about marketing, promotion, entrepreneurship, and how she has built her career for herself. She also dished on how Questlove came to follow her on Instagram… It’s a pretty awesome story.

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