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How serving a niche audience can get you better visibility as a musician, with Felicia Rojas

Dr. Felicia Rojas is a violinist, vocalist, and multi-talented musician whose career has expanded beyond the traditional “classical musician” scope that so many other music school grads pursue. She performs in Mariachi Divas, and her anime & video game music cover band, AoE, has played at comic conventions and continues to grow their market and reach.

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The number one way to post on social media every day--without ditching the practice room!

One of the most common myths about marketing that I hear from musicians and creative people is that marketing takes up TOO MUCH TIME. They don’t want to be glued to their phones because HELLO, there’s too much practicing to do!! Well I’m here today to share with you the number one way to post on social media EVERY SINGLE DAY—without ditching the practice room.

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The multi-passionate music entrepreneur, with Liz Aponte of Full Circle Co.

Liz Aponte is a drummer, teacher, and entrepreneur who has turned her passion for music into a multi-faceted career, through a combination of online and offline work. I spoke with Liz about marketing, promotion, entrepreneurship, and how she has built her career for herself. She also dished on how Questlove came to follow her on Instagram… It’s a pretty awesome story.

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