How serving a niche audience can get you better visibility as a musician, with Felicia Rojas


Dr. Felicia Rojas is a violinist, vocalist, and multi-talented musician whose career has expanded beyond the traditional “classical musician” scope that so many other music school grads pursue. At age 28, she is a Grammy Nominated American violinist, vocalist, recording artist, and violin teacher working in the Los Angeles, Hobbs (NM), and Lubbock (TX) areas. She performs in Mariachi Divas, and her anime & video game music cover band, AoE, has played at comic conventions and continues to grow their market and reach. A versatile artist whose performing experience includes genres such as Classical, Country, Rock, Balkan, Celtic, Mariachi, and Peruvian Musica Criolla, Felicia is forging her own path as a niche musician, performing music she loves and making it into her full-time career.

What we talked about:

  • How Felicia stumbled into the genre of mariachi and grew her career from there

  • Founding a niche band (anime & video game music) and growing it into a business

  • The transition from music school to “the real world” and how difficult it is finding your own path

  • What musicians struggle with most when it comes to marketing

Music by Stephanie Trivison