The multi-passionate music entrepreneur, with Liz Aponte of Full Circle Co.

Liz Aponte, female drummer and entrepreneur, poses with a handmade drum

Liz Aponte is a drummer, teacher, and entrepreneur who has turned her passion for music into a multi-faceted career, through a combination of online and offline work. She got her start as a teenager playing drums in punk rock bands at Southern California venues like The Roxy before she even got past her driver’s permit. As a drum instructor, her mission is to “help female drummers who are feeling frustrated with their progress reach the next level and absolutely CRUSH it in a male-dominated music world.” Her jewelry company, Full Circle Co., makes stunning necklaces, earrings, and bottle openers out of broken cymbals, which combines her desire to preserve the integrity of the instrument while giving it a sustainable purpose after its first use is over.

I spoke with Liz about marketing, promotion, entrepreneurship, and how she has built her career for herself. She also dished on how Questlove came to follow her on Instagram… It’s a pretty awesome story. If you’re at all interested in building a teaching studio online, or pursuing entrepreneurship—or even if you just want to hear an experienced perspective about marketing and promotion from a successful musician—listen to my interview with Liz Aponte below.

What we talked about:

  • How Liz built her studio offline and online

  • The process of turning an idea into a business

  • What musicians struggle with most when it comes to marketing

  • Liz’s recommendations for how be more effective on social media

Music by Stephanie Trivison