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Megan Kuhar
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What People Are Saying About Megan:

Photo: Francesco Desmaele

Photo: Francesco Desmaele

“Megan Kuhar is a goldmine resource for musicians looking to enhance their branding, online presence, and social media skills.

She offers unique insight into audience reach, and asks the right probing questions to get musicians digging deeper into their authentic brand/self-representation.”

—Kristen Klehr, percussionist & concert producer


“Megan let us know from the start what was expected, acceptable and achievable. Her standards were high and she did not accept any excuses. Being the type of person I am, I liked that. I don’t think it was happenstance that she was my first teacher; she was who I needed.

She patiently answered my many questions, helped me through moments of incredible frustration, boosted my confidence and celebrated my accomplishments. Megan still celebrates me and makes herself available. Honestly, it’s comforting to know she’s in my corner. Her unselfish example and investment inspired me.

—Celeste Hicks, vocalist & audio engineer


“I sought out Megan’s help as she understands the nuance of marketing for musicians and not coming off as too sales-y.

She listened to me and understood my goals, helped create a plan to promote the music which involved social media accounts, a website, and a successful Patreon page. She also helped solidify a name and logo for the project.

A year and a half in and I’ve performed for music festivals, comic cons, private events, have made YouTube videos and have more shows and recordings in the works!

This project might still be sitting dormant in the back of my mind if it wasn’t for the guidance and advice I got from Megan to get it moving!

—Rob Kovacs, pianist & songwriter


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