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Creating your music is only the first part of the equation. Sharing it with the world comes next. If you’re looking for ways to up the ante on your digital content game, you’ve come to the right place.

This is a curated list of tools (both physical and digital) that I strongly recommend for building your online presence. It’s important to know that I have tested and used each and every one of the tools listed on this page, unless otherwise noted. In some cases, I’ve given you a few options, depending on your budget. The budget-friendly options are labeled with a ✰.

You’ll find the list is split into categories: Podcasting, Videos, and Websites.

This list contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything from my links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!




Required Supplies for all Podcasters

  • Headphones: Audio Technica MTH-30x

  • Editing software: Audacity or GarageBand
    Both options are free, but GarageBand only comes with Mac computers. I use Avid ProTools, which is a professional audio engineer’s software program and isn’t necessary for podcasters. But if you’re interested, you can buy it here.

  • Remote recording software: To record a guest long-distance, you can use Zoom Video Conferencing. There are a few tricks to getting higher quality audio this way: click here to learn how.

OPTION 1: Microphone + Interface + Computer

TOTAL COST: $343—$359



OPTION 2: Microphone + Portable Recorder

TOTAL COST: $591—$606

OPTION 3: USB Microphone✰


Note: This may seem like the best option because it is the cheapest, but I would caution you to think about whether you want to record more than one voice at a time on a regular basis. If so, a USB microphone may be more work than it’s worth. You’re better off going with Option 1 or Option 2.




Professional Quality

Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X (Mac only) or Adobe Premiere Pro

Bonus items*: Softbox light, backdrop stand
*I haven’t tried these specific items, but I have used very similar ones (which are now unavailable)

Beginner Quality✰

Editing Software: iMovie (free for Apple products), Final Cut Pro (for Apple products - this is what I use), Camtasia (for both Apple and PC)




Professional Portfolio

Squarespace is my favorite professional option besides hiring a web designer to build you a custom site. As of April 2019 it is $144 to get started.

Starter Website✰

If you’d rather spend half of that to get started on your website, I recommend Weebly. While it doesn’t have the same amount of customization that Squarespace does and is a lot more limited in its features, it is a lot easier to use.


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